The University of Texas at Austin’s New Food Lab

The Food Lab (TFL) is based in the Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) of the School of Architecture (SOA) of the University of Texas at Austin (UT). The Food Lab provides undergraduate awareness of food issues, encourages and motivates students to engage with innovative food systems research, and provides support to startups that leverage University research.

The Lab is a catalyst for scientific and cultural experimentation and innovation in the food system. We encourage the research community to engage with the food system through our public events and challenge prize. We also support current research, encourage new endeavors, and connect researchers with investors who fund commercially viable projects.

Our global food system is undergoing a revolutionary transformation. Malnutrition, obesity, foodborne disease, environmental degradation, crisis in energy and water supply are just a few of the challenges that have created the urgency to improve and reinvent the food system. In order to feed our growing, urbanized population in the 21st century we need to reinvent how we produce, process, and deliver food. After decades of critique, universities, inventors, and policy makers are taking action to innovate and leverage entrepreneurship. We take action through projects that integrate the humanities with science.

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